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[ðɪ-ˈtiːm] Noun

The folks are some of the most gifted, creative, mahjong-loving, coffee-needing and downright quirky individuals out there. Scroll to find out more!

Just a friendly chap that’s keen to learn more about your business over a cup of teh-bing. He dabbles behind the scenes of Social Media and develops tailor-made solutions for brands.

Boon Cong

Co- Founder | General Manager

Catch her sipping tea in the day and cracking a cold one at night. That aside, she’s a motivated Marketing and PR whiz that had served  more than 30 notable clients regionally. 


Jane Foo

Co-Founder | Accounts Lead

Find her hunting for coffee daily — Caffeine helps her to maintain her ‘one-shot, one-kill’ streak. As a creative, she’s bound to bring colours to your brands with the right colour palette. 


Bonnie Koh

Co-Founder | Creative Lead

An ever learner trying to pursue the way of marketing, driven by ideas and creativity ~ at your service. A known weeb after hours, expect coffee on his left and manga on his right.


Branden Loo


A feisty and creative producer who loves scrolling through Pinterest and TikTok during her free time. An extreme shopaholic after working hours and the perfect cherry on top.


Jil Micole Lee

Accounts & Creative

A creative wizard, able to transform ideas into stunning works of art. With an unyielding drive to improve and a keen eye for your needs.


Gerald Goh


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